4 Natural Cure for Eczema

aloe vera as eczema cureThe result of an abnormal functioning of the immune system, combined with genetically weak skin barrier, is what causes eczema.

Apart from sudden environmental changes like humidity and temperature, eczema may also be trigged by eating particular foods or exposure on external allergens that result to the weakening of the skin barrier.

Because eczema occurrences are primarily brought about by poor nutrition and low immune system, it is essential that we build up a stronger immune system to fully achieve an eczema-free life.

There are different prescribed medications in the market today. However, such medications do not provide a cure for eczema. Rather, they only suppress the symptoms and weaken the already volatile immune system.

With that, natural remedies are the best solutions for treating eczema. There are various eczema treatment plans aimed at achieving long lasting results. Below are some of them.

Sea Salt Bath. Sea salt bath is good for external skin protection. Not only does it help eliminate dead skin cells of the body but also, it is suitable for curing eczema. Because it contains high levels of minerals, sea salt is ideal for soothing inflammations, reducing pain, hydrating tissues and improving circulation of the immune system. For local treatments, you can just use small amounts of sea salt. Or you can have a whole body bath for a more soothing effect. Simply add a cup or two of unrefined high quality sea salt to a bath tub full of warm water. For a more relaxing experience, just add a few drops of natural herbal oils. Indulge in the bath for fifteen minutes. Sea salt baths work by detoxifying your body and opening your skin pores, thus allowing your body to sweat sans the skin irritation.

Calendula Cream. This is another type of natural cure for eczema proven to help in the blood flow to the skin’s damaged area. Calendula cream contains moisturizing, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties perfect for the production of collagen proteins in the body.

Aloe Vera Juice. This miracle plant can cure burns, sooth itching, moisturize the skin, and reduce inflammation. This plant, especially when freshly obtained, can provide you great relief in a matter of minutes. Also, Aloe Vera juice, which is 99% pure are just as effective as the organic ones. You can use the juice at any time of the day to cure eczema.

Olive Oil. Olive oil is an exceptional skin moisturizing agent, thanks to its high levels of Vitamin E. When used for curing eczema, go for a cold-pressed, extra virgin, unrefined olive oil. Because the olive oil sticks to the skin for a longer period of time, it will help keep the skin moisturized extensively.

Fundamentally, no amount of miracle or medicines can help you to permanently treat eczema. You need to be determined to change your lifestyle. Considering these natural cures for eczema may seem like it’s so hard to integrate these in your day to day life. But as long as you keep in mind your ultimate goal- to achieve a strong immune system, you are definitely on your way to having a healthier and stronger you.


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