Avoiding Eczema Triggers – Dust Mites

One of the most common eczema triggers, especially among children are dust mites. The problem is, this is one of the known irritants that can be difficult to manage. If your child is suffering from persistent flare-ups, the bed and some areas of your house may be infested with these tiny critters.

Eliminating dust mites is not exactly cheap and the process can be a bit tedious. If your child is diagnosed with dust mite allergy, then you should include dust mite elimination an important part of your eczema treatment plan.

Know Your Enemy

Dust mites are essentially scavengers that love to nest in warm, moist environment. They are naturally dram to rats, birds and yes, to humans as they main food includes dander or dead skin cells. However, dust mites are known to consume anything organic. Basically, eczema , asthma and rhinitis are triggered by the enzymes found in these creatures droppings, triggering an allergic reaction.

Controlling Dust Mites And Eczema

It can be impossible todustmites totally get rid of dust mites for good. However, you can significantly reduce these irritants if you work on reducing their population, which will result to reduced droppings.

Dust mites are known to be highly active and breed when temperatures are above 20°C and when the humidity level is above 50%.

With this in mind, one of the effective ways to control the infestation of dust mites in your home environment is kept clean and dry. Through regular cleaning, you will be able to minimize their food sources.

Protecting Your Child From Dust Mites

The bedding is one of the common sources of dust mites, which can easily set off an eczema flare up. This can be a problem with small children who are known to spend an average of 14 hours in their beds. With this in mind, the best way to manage eczema allergies is to control dust mites. Here are some tips:

  • Air beddings daily. Make sure comforters, cots and mattresses are aired daily. Leave them out under the sun for a couple of hours and clean the thoroughly.
  • Use 60°C hot wash. When it comes to cleaning the beddings, warm washing is highly recommended to effectively get rid of dust mites. You can soak the beddings with 1 part eucalyptus oil and 120 parts warm water for about 30 minutes.
  • Wash pillows and duvets regularly. Make sure to buy a spare duvet and pillows to allow you to clean them twice a week.
  • Avoid putting your kids to bed with wet hair. As mentioned, dust mites thrive in warm and moist environment. Wet hair can dampen the pillow, which will provide a perfect breeding ground for dust mites.

Finding an effective eczema treatment is never a one step process.  It is made up of combined efforts to eliminate exposure to known irritants and fortifying the body to  allow healing from within with an effective eczema diet plan.

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