Breathing As An Eczema Treatment

Discover How Breathing Can Be A Powerful Eczema Treatment

Breathing As Eczema TreatmentDid you know that our breathing has important effects not only on the circulation of our blood and oxygenation of our organs and tissues, but also on our skin?

Medical studies confirm that when we breathe heavy, our lungs lose excessive amounts of CO2, resulting to a serious drop of CO2 levels in our arterial blood beyond the normal amount. 

This deficiency in CO2 levels constricts the arteries and arterioles, lessening the blood supply to our tissues, and consequently, reducing the delivery of oxygen to the different parts of our body. In one to two minutes, we may faint or pass out.

It is, therefore, a must that our body gets the required amount of oxygen and blood supply in order for it to work efficiently and normally.

We can do a simple test called stress-free breath holding to find out if our circulation and oxygenation levels are normal. Using this test we will use the length of time that a person is able to hold his breath after exhaling with no feelings of distress as an indicator of his circulation and oxygenation.

If he can hold his breath for 40-60 seconds, his breathing is normal. When he can only hold his breath for less than 40 seconds, then it is not normal.

Among those who have problems with their breathing are those who suffer from different skin conditions. People who have psoriasis, dermatitis, neurodemitis, and eczema constantly over breathe. In fact using the stress-free breath holding test, we will find out that they can hold their breath for only 10-15 seconds, figures which are significantly less than the normal levels which range from 40-60 seconds.

This is not surprising for experts. After all, the sick have the tendency to take deeper and bigger breaths. As a result, their oxygenation and circulation is less than what is required by their bodies. It is important to reduce one’s breathing to boost the oxygen levels in our body.
Medical doctors in Russia were able to discover and successfully employ a breathing exercise to help those who are confronted with this problem. By doing the exercise, we can bring our breathing to normal levels after two to three minutes.

Breathing Exercise as Eczema Treatment

Sometimes treatments come from the unlikeliest of sources. An eczema treatment which we, most probably, have never heard before is an exercise that aims to bring our breathing levels to normal.      

This is how this eczema treatment works:

First you need to be seated on a chair, straighten up (spine must be straight), relax your muscles, and concentrate on your breathing. Observe how this makes you feel. If your senses fail you, breathe in and out, keep calm, before you exhale slowly. Once you feel air passing in and out of your nostrils, moving within your bronchi and chest, as well as at the back of your throat, the you are on the right track.

After exhaling, carefully inhale and make sure, that while doing so, you taking smaller inhalations. Typically this should be less than five to 10 percent. After this, relax your muscles particularly those in your upper chest and those that you use for breathing. Repeat the process before you fully relax. As you breathe in and out, make sure that you are taking smaller inhalations.  

When you repeat this several times, you will feel light air hunger. What you need to do is to sustain this hunger from two to three minutes. As you continue to do this breathing exercise, you will feel that your breathing turning normal within the same period.


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