Connecting The Dots Between Eczema And Stress

Eczema and Stress: Laughing Your Way Towards Healing

Stress and EczemaStress.

Now, this is one human response that needs no introduction. We are all fairly familiar with stress.

A lot of people associate eczema flare-ups with known irritants and allergens. Only a few notice the connection between bouts of eczema and stress.

Stress is found to be one of the main underlying causes of different chronic diseases in the modern, fast-paced world. It is also a trigger for eczema.

No matter what your age is, there is always an obvious link between eczema and stress. As what you may have already known, stress has two different categories: the good stress and the bad stress. The former is known to provide motivation for humans to rise up to a certain challenge, while the latter has been proven to be a common culprit for many health problems and diseases.


What Is Stress, Really?

If stress if excessive and enduring, it can trigger an eczema flare-up.

Stress is defined as:

 “In response to unpleasant external influences a mentally disruptive or upsetting condition which capable of affecting health, generally characterized by excessive heart rate, an increase in blood pressure, muscular tension, depression and irritation.”

Eczema and Stress: The Importance of De-Stressing

Eczema And Stress
If you have observed that your eczema is triggered by stress, whether it’s work-related or a personal-induced stress, it is important to cope with a number of de-stressing technique. Take a hard look at your current situation and your life as a whole. Identify the sources of your stress. If you are suffering from excessive stress due to certain source, considering eliminating or avoiding that known stressor.

Ask yourself, “Is there a way to remove the unnecessary clutter in my life?” If details and minor concerns stress you out, focus on the bigger picture. Take one day at a time, one challenge at a time.

Eczema and Stress: Laughter Is Still The Best Medicine

One effective way to relax and de-stress is to have a good laugh. I’m curious to know, when was the last time you had a good belly laugh? Gravitate towards things, people and events that give you real joy and entertainment– whether it’s watching a comedy film, reading a good book, or listening to someone cracking up some joke.

Laughter, you see, is not only an effective means of releasing stress, it is also known to deliver a number of health benefits. For one, laughter can help promote a stronger immune system. It can also help lower blood pressure as well as release endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.  

Laughter can also reduce the stress hormones, alleviate pain, as well as facilitate faster recovery from a number of conditions and diseases.

Eczema and Stress: Engaging In Fun Activities

One way of managing your eczema symptoms is to avoid the triggers. Find activities that you really enjoy. It should be something highly engaging, where you can simply let go of all your concerns and worries. It can take different forms such as watching a movie, planning your next holiday trip, window shopping and so much more.

You see, not all eczema treatments come in bottles and tubes. It can just be the simple pleasure of relaxing and sharing a good laugh with loved ones.



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  1. The relationship between eczema and stress can be a vicious cycle. Stress may cause eczema, by weakening the immune system, making it easier for eczema to develop.

    On the other hand, eczema may contribute to stress in a number of ways. Extreme itching may disturb sleep, leaving you tired and irritable the next day. If the eczema is on a visible part of the skin, stress may accompany embarassment and low self esteem.

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