Fast Food and Eczema In Kids

Eczema and Fastfood DietIt can be heartbreaking to watch your little child suffer from recurring bouts of eczema. But while you are keen on finding effective eczema treatment, you may be unwittingly doing something to aggravate the condition.

Studies have shown that there is actually a link between fastfood and eczema, as published in a medical journal Thorax. In the latest studies, it was shown that fastfood diet was shown to increase the gravity of eczema. This brings about some serious concerns especially in view of the rising popularity of fast food diet particularly among kids.

51 countries were involved in the said study with 319, 000 13 to 14 year old participants and over 181, 000 6 to 7 year old participants. All participants were enrolled in International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood, this was easily the largest study ever conducted across different countries.

Basically, the severity of eczema symptoms were based on the answers parents provided on the questionnaires provided. This included data on the frequency and severity based on diet, lifestyle and daily routines.

Based on the results, the commonly associated food to eczema flare-ups among children include the following:

  • fish
  • bread
  • fruit
  • meat
  • margarine
  • butter
  • veggies
  • pasta
  • nuts
  • rice
  • milk
  • eggs fast food/burgers

Experts claim that fast foods were found to be the common link among the different age groups that is known to be a trigger for eczema. It was also found out that weight is also a predominant factor.

In fact, it was found that children who were given 3 or even more servings of fast food were seen to have an elevated risk of 39% especially among teenagers and 27% among children.

Parents are advised to take seriously the importance of diet in finding eczema treatment.  Instead of focusing on topical creams, it is generally start your eczema treatment foundation with an eczema diet plan for healing from within. In addition, it is also advised to complement diet with juicing as an effective eczema cure.

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of diet in promoting long-term eczema cure.




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