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Hello, my name is Ken Drew…

In this short and controversial health exposé, I’m going reveal the one amazing little secret, long suppressed by Big Pharma, that will bulletproof your body against the scary illnesses like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, arthritis and more….and its something that you can do right now in your home.

Without ever popping a single pill, getting any dreaded needle, prescriptions of any kind. Even sidestepping alternative therapies that never seem to work. Ineffective supplements that waste time and frustrate you to no end. Not to mention tear a hole in your wallet…

…Or even put you in an early grave.

Think of how you felt today.


Brain fog? Slight constipation? Heart pain? Stiff joints? Lack of libido?

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If you encountered any of these problems…even a little, it’s not because you’re getting OLD or stressed out… you'll discover that all of it is because of this one “seemingly-innocent” thing you are doing everyday…and if you don't pay attention now, things are only going to get worse.

Even though this may seem impossible to you now, I’ll show you how over 75,000 ecstatic people just like you are beating and even reversing chronic conditions that send shivers up and down your spine in as little as 72 hours…

Even if your doctor has already pronounced you as hopeless, even if your body has not responded to drugs or surgery, you can still steel yourself off from terrifying ailments like heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure, and just about anything else you might be suffering from even as a I speak…not in months, but in a few short days.


You’ll practically never see the inside of your doctor’s office again!

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You’ll shock your loved ones with your new-found lease on life. Shock the younger guys at work with your new razor sharp mind. Have more time and more energy to do the thing you love, like play tennis and golf and spend more time with your friends, family, kids, and even grandkids.

It will be like you’ve discovered the Fountain of Youth! Sickness and pain will be just a distant memory.

If you watch this video to the end and do what it says, you’ll see how quick and easy it is to hack your body’s natural defense mechanism…


Actually multiply your ability to renew and regenerate any diseased organ. Make it healthier, stronger, able to function perfectly again…

Buy Now And Get Diseaseless

The secret comes from an 102 years old genius doctor who decided to spill the beans and get the revenge on the Big Pharma.

And this remarkable health secret has been written about in dozens of medical journals. Been featured in magazines. One world famous surgeon with his own TV show recently devoted half his program to it…. but Big Pharma hates this because it’s easier to sell pills to cover up the symptoms instead of healing the cause.

Here’s how other Americans like you found hope again:  

I thought my backache was from sitting in front of pc and from getting old. I couldn’t stand it anymore… I was blown away to discover that it hadn’t anything to do with my age. The miracle happened

Perry M – 62y.o. – California

I suffered from chronic constipation and stomach pain for more than 10 years. I spent more than $20 k on doctors. Nothing seemed to work… until I realized that you were right. Now I’m feeling as 30 although I’m 50

Lenny K – New York

How fantastic is that?

Unfortunately for me, I found out the hard way a few years ago when I got really sick.


I was 48 years old but I looked 65…


My blood pressure was spiraling out of control. High blood sugar gave me severe jitters, and I felt bloated all the time.

Even after a full night’s sleep, I could barely get out of bed in the morning. I literally had to drag myself around all day.

On top of that, I came down with mind-numbing headaches that were so painful that they brought tears to my eyes…

…And severe heart palpitations that felt like my heart was going to pop out of my chest. It really scared the heck out of me.

The last straw was when my libido tanked. I prided myself on being like the Energizer Bunny. But the batteries were dead.

My body was breaking down. Something was terribly wrong.

Horrible thoughts whizzed across my mind. Was I dying? Was I going to end up incapacitated, in a wheelchair or something, with only a couple of marbles rolling around in my head?

And what about my job? If I couldn’t work, who would take care of my wife and kids?


I was petrified…


When my teenage son told me the family would be lost without me, I broke down and cried like a baby.

As the head of my family, my one job was to stay strong, be there to protect them at all times.

But I was going downhill and I needed to do something fast.I always dreaded going to my doctor, but now I had no choice.

I went to see him and got the shock of my life.

After a quick 2-minute examination, he decided it was all due to stress.

He handed me prescriptions for an anti-anxiety pill. It was all very matter-of-fact, like he was ordering a sandwich or something.

A thousand thoughts raced through my mind. But I didn’t say anything. I don’t know about you, but I feel like a little puppy dog when I’m with my doctor. I never seem to be able to ask the hard questions.
Maybe I just don’t want to know the gory details.

But as a patient for more than 22 years and a friend (or so I thought), I felt I deserved more. But with the ridiculous state of health care these days, it’s a race against the clock.


I was in and out in 7 minutes flat!


Furious and desperate, I went out and spent a couple of paychecks on a ton of nutritional supplements, everything from omega-3 for my heart to ginko biloba for my brain.

However, after a few weeks, all I felt was more frustrated and helpless.

Now here’s where it gets a little weird…

As luck would have it, a friend of mine recommended a reclusive 102-year-old doctor who was like a modern day miracle worker.

Now you might not have heard about him (I never did), but Dr.Patel is a true medical giant, a modern-day Louis Pasteur as many doctors refer to him.

Like Louis Pasteur before him, Dr. Patel shunned traditional medicine and built his mythic reputation by identifying the causes and prevention of every possible chronic condition.

I was told, Dr. Patel is not what you’d normally expect. His office was in an old, rundown building. I walked up five floors to his office, if you can call it that.

To say the least, it was bizarre. It consisted of a single desk with a bunch of papers piled at least four feet high.


There was no examination table!

No testing equipment!

Not even a gauze pad in sight!


Dr. Patel was quite a sight with long, whisper-thin white hair, a rumpled, way-too baggy shirt, and khakis that dragged along the floor.

e started with a strange question: What do I eat for breakfast in the morning?

Nothing special, I replied. Usually I just have an apple. A few hours after that, I develop those horrible headaches.

Dr. Patel smiled and said this is an easy one. He told me I was suffering from a burning belly. Inflammation in my gut. Over 200 million people have it and don’t know it.

A burning belly? It sounded crazy. But what’s crazier is how you get it.


The cause is food allergies…


Dr. Patel explained that there are 2 types of food allergies. The first is acute allergies where the reaction is instant. Think of people eating shellfish. And then falling in a coma. Or kids eating some peanuts and their throat closes up and they’re unable to breathe.

Then there’s hidden allergies. Foods that cause no immediate reaction in your body. But by eating these same foods day after day, it starts to inflame your intestines. Literally punches tiny little holes in it, like water chipping away at stone. It becomes permeable.

Once that happens, your gut is overrun by trillions of bacteria causing massive inflammation. Havoc ensues and every major organ –- your heart, lungs, kidneys, everything can be damaged.

You end up with what’s called organ shock –- in my case, it was multiple organ shock. That’s why I had so many things wrong with me.

This problem is so rampant and so deadly, that even Dr Oz dedicated half of his show to educating the public on this topic:

Dr. Patel has a saying that when it sounds right, it usually is. Need proof?


I got all my symptoms only AFTER I ate my apple…

It was the same with my heart palpitations. He figured out that they come one minute and they’re gone the next.

All my problems were because I was secretly allergic to…apples!

I had never heard of anybody being secretly allergic to apples. But there I was. So much for an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Dr. Patel told me that this up-and-down, back-and-forth, being well one minute and sick the next, is a classic sign of inflammation in the gut.

According to the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine, 60% of our immune cells are in our intestines. When our gut is inflamed, our body can no longer heal itself.

It’s no surprise then that a leaky gut is responsible for 9 out of 10 of all the chronic illness we suffer from.

That’s not to say that every illness is totally, 100% caused by belly inflammation. But the level of inflammation in our gut is so high that once it’s corrected, many of the more serious conditions will regress and, quite often, disappear altogether.

Due to evolution, our body is always trying to heal itself. Each liver cell, for example, is regenerated every 6 weeks. In a month you practically have grown a whole new liver.

Problem is, your leaky gut keeps on interfering.


So why don’t mainstream doctors know about this?

Most are too busy or too lazy to get the facts that are right under their noses.

They don’t connect the dots. They’d rather run some expensive test, write a few prescriptions and send you on your way.

Maybe they’re too afraid of making a mistake and getting slapped with a big malpractice suit that’ll put the out of business.

Most likely, it’s because med schools have long been corrupted by Big Pharma, which secretly bribes professors with meals, gifts, vacations, and cash bonuses to make sure they teach students a pro-pharmaceutical curriculum.

But here’s the most unforgivable part of all…


Our smart, experienced doctors, the best the world has to offer…

End up treating the symptom, not the cause.

Which is why our hospitals are jam-packed. And why the World Health Organization ranks America an embarrassing #42 in the world in life expectancy -–right behind Jordan and Malta.

If that doesn’t get you hopping mad, nothing will.

Dr. Patel gave me a protocol, a series of steps that revealed which foods I was secretly allergic to. And then he sent me home. With no pills, no creams, no expensive tests. Just good old fashioned wisdom.

In three days, I was back to my old self again. In fact, I’m a whole lot better than I ever was.

My brain fog vanished into thin air and my mind became hyper-alert, sharp as a tack.

My ticker was back on track and I had so much energy, I was beating my boys shooting hoops every night.
And I became a new man in the bedroom, if you know what I mean.

But then I started thinking…

There are dozens of chronic conditions that could be eradicated quickly and easily. The mind reels when you think of how many people Dr. Patel can free from their agony.

Let me share with you some of his genius…

First, he identified…


THE FIVE CARDINAL SYMPTOMS you can’t ever ignore

Second, why the more symptoms you have, the more likely it is that you have a secret allergy.

Third, why the so-called ‘day flu’ is not a flu at all. And why you don’t catch it –- you eat it.

Fourth, and most important, why if you’re well one minute, then sick the next, then back to well in a few days, you don’t have a major illness.

If you think about it, you can prove it to yourself. If you have a pain in your back that comes and goes, it’s 100% certain that nothing will show up on an x-ray. 

Or say someone is depressed and lethargic with no real reason. He or she has a good life, a loving partner, no money worries. The problem cannot be treated with a pill.

Dr. Patel stuck a dagger into the heart of the medical establishment. He established breakthrough cures that need to be shared with as many people as possible.

Then the light bulb went on in my head.

I went back to Dr. Patel office and urged him, heck, I practically got down on my hands and knees and begged him to share his pearls of wisdom with the general public.

It was not easy to convince him but finally he accepted it after realizing that his knowledge will reach other Americans who desperately needs this.

He got to work for months and the end result is a revolutionary program called:


Diseaseless: The Quick and Simple Solution To Feel Young Again”

…that’s a landmark. There’s never been anything like it before. 

Diseaseless Book Cover

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This program will give you and your family hope and comfort. Instead of running around from doctor to doctor and getting the same old advice that never seems to work, you can have the simple real-world solutions to whatever is ailing you right at your fingertips.

The health care system is this country is broken, hospitals are stuffed to the rafters, and more and more people getting sick.

If you and me and everybody else want to get well and stay that way, it’s up to us to take the bull by the horns.

I learned the hard way. You don’t have to. So here’s my promise to you: When you follow this system and put it into action, you’ll be astonished at the results. You’ll feel years younger in just days, bursting with energy, ready, willing, and able to take on the world.

I showed Dr. Patel's program to a few of my friends and they tried it.

High blood sugar runs in my family. My mother had a leg sawed off and died horribly. I was scared out of my mind. Thanks to Dr. Patel, I found out that my secret food allergy was saturated fat…apparently going paleo doesn't work for everyone. And how too much of it triggers resistance to insulin. A few quick changes and my blood sugar plummeted. And I’m back to enjoying life again.

Mark Davis

I was going from specialist to specialist and nobody could tell me why I had such a pain in my back. The x-rays should nothing so they told me it was all in my head. Well, thanks to Dr. Patel I made one simple change in my diet and felt better the NEXT day. They the ones who should have their heads examined are my ex-doctors.

Joe David

I went through the mill with my eczema. The itching, the red, rough, patchy skin. You name it, I tried it – lotions, potions, creams, steroids, even phototherapy. Then Dr. Patel prescribed 3 easy changes to my diet. And in two weeks, my skin was clear. It was a miracle!

Billy Thompson

Honestly, this is a one-of-a-kind program. So there’s really nothing to compare it to.

But there is one thing I want to stress.


Dr. Patel’s program is NOT a diet.

The goal is to let you eat whatever you want. But only after identifying what your hidden allergies are.

For example, Dr. Patel starts you off with what his Elimination Phase which spells out step by step what could be secretly eating away at you. And what exactly to do to stop any potential damage right in its tracks so you don’t get sick.

And Dr. Patel keeps everything simple and easy to understand. There’s no technical stuff. No medical jargon. And no big lifestyle changes.

The moment you read it, you’ll be shocked at just how much sense it really makes.

And in the Reintroduction Phase, he’ll show you how to determine which foods are safe and which one aren't, by using this method called “split testing”.

And then you'll learn to slowly re-introduce those foods and nutrients that will have a healing effect on your gut, and create an almost impregnable barrier against illness and disease.


You don’t need any medical knowledge whatsoever to apply Dr. Patel’s secret principles.

Dr Patel, being the unconventional doctor as he is, has written this health bible in simple everyday language. He understands how difficult it is to read books filled with medical jargon. Furthermore, this is the 3rd edition of the guide…many readers have given their feedback and suggestions before you and Dr Patel has implemented what they mentioned.

I can't stop myself from finishing this book! The ideas inside are so revolutionary, yet makes so much sense. I'm on day 3, and already my brain fog has cleared! Thank you Dr Patel!

Brandon from Ohio

Secondly, everything you find inside “Diseaseless” guide is very easy to follow. No crazy diets, no pain, no delays.

Imagine you enjoying a life without pain. Feeling again as 30 even though you might be 60 today.


How much money you’ll save on doctors when all this time you had the solution at your finger tip?

You'll live life full of energy from now on… and your family could rely on you every time they need your help. You'll be able to enjoy and remember every joyous moment with your spouse, your kids, your grandkids.

You'll have an outstanding sexual life… and feel fantastic each time you get in the bedroom. Your spouse will be shocked at your sudden transformation and will be begging for more.

It all comes down to this…


What is your health worth to you?

How much would you pay to completely and utterly safeguard your life?

What would you give if a genie suddenly appeared and granted you any wish in the world? Chances are, you’d wish for great health so you can live to a ripe old age.

What would you pay to never again lie in bed at night worrying about how your family will survive if you suddenly came down with a serious illness.

What would you pay to have your deepest fears vaporized for good…for the ultimate peace of mind?

To be strong and stay strong for those who are closest to you…to cuddle with your spouse and kids, keep them safe and secure year after beautiful year.

To be there for your kids, stand side by side as your guide them through thick and thin…and watch your chest swell with pride as they grow and prosper.

…To live well past the century mark and still have all your mental faculties and physical abilities to be able to enjoy a thorough, active, enjoyable life?

Well, you would think that insights like these would fetch a King’s ransom. And you’d be right.

Many Americans are paying hundreds or thousands of dollars a year for drugs that poison them…for doctors that don't care whether you live or die, only concerned about money in their pockets. Or even tens of thousands of dollars for surgery, with surgeons who are willing to cut a hole in your heart just to get to your wallet.

But forget about emptying your pockets. I’ve got some really good news for you.

If you act now and I mean right now!

Click the button below and test drive “Diseaseless: The Quick and Simple Solution To Feel Young Again”.

Diseaseless Book Cover

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Initially we decided the price of the program to be $97 to cover all the writing, research, development and publishing costs…but because you are reading this exclusive material right now, we dropped the price to an insane $37.

63% Discount


You might ask, why a discount?

Actually, Dr. Patel insists. He knows he can get $500, $1,000, even $5,000 or more for his incredible protocols. And it would be more than worth the price.

However, he feels good health and long happy life is a fundamental right of all Americans. And to charge an exorbitant fee would take advantage of people who desperately need his guidance. A violation of his Hippocratic oath.

Besides, just knowing that he’s able to put a smile on the faces of good and decent people like you is its own reward for him.

But this report and special promotion won't be up forever. If you leave this page, there is no guarantee that this will still be up.

Click the button below right now to test out the “Diseaseless” program and bring enjoyment back to your life.

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After clicking the button, you'll see a checkout page like this.

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Just enter your name, address and payment information…and click the “Pay Now” button and you'll receive instructions on how to get started on the program.

And that is not all… because this program is so effective, and we firmly believe that this program will solve all your current health issues…we are going to give you a money back guarantee that no one dares to give…unless they are so confident in the results you'll achieve:


Double-Your-Money Back Guarantee For the Next 60 Days!

Basically for any reason you are not satisfied with the program, just send us an email located in the member's area for a quick and prompt refund in the next 2 months. No questions asked.

And if you tried the program but it didn't work out for you for any reason (even if you didn't follow the exact protocol), we'll give you double your money back.




We want to remove all the pressure from your shoulders. Just get the “Diseaseless” program right now by clicking the button below.

Nobody else is offering such a guarantee and we want to make sure that we’re not playing around… especially when it comes to your health.

Do all these sound fair? What are you waiting for… hit the “Add To Cart” button below!


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I know you’ve probably been going through all kinds of misery like I was before, wondering about how to get through another tough day with all those aches and pains, wishing and hoping that you can feel like you did 10 or 20 years ago. Though you will discover how incredibly fast and easy it is to rejuvenate your body and mind with Dr. Patel techniques.

I was nervous that this program would be complicated and too difficult to even bother with. Boy, was I wrong. The information was simple and easy to learn. I just looked up what I needed, followed the plan and in a few days, I felt better than I had in my life!

John Minor

I’m a natural skeptic, but I decided to give it a try. I got to admit that the Dr. Patel insights just blew me away from page one. I never knew it could be this easy to feel great. I’m 82 but now I feel like I’m 42.

David Mantee

I’ve been struggling with the nightmare of being overweight for over 20 years. Dr. xx showed me how one simple change in my diet caused me to lose 20 pounds in two weeks. And keep it off without a struggle.

Sandy Horn

There you have it. I could give you hundreds of more testimonials from other ecstatic people, but I think you get the idea.

So what are you waiting for? Hit the “Add To Cart” button now.

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I’ll conclude my presentation by asking you to imagine this heartwarming scenario…

It’s far in the distant future, decades from today. You and your loving family are gathered together to celebrate a momentous occasion.

Hoisting a bottle of the finest wine, they clink their glasses together in a tear-filled toast to you…and all you’ve done for them over the years…

They shower you with adoration fit for a King. With hugs and kisses and voices choking with emotion, tell you one by one how much they adore you…how eternally grateful they are and always will be for your unconditional love, support and total devotion through thick and thin…

…And they conclude with a how much they look forward to all the fabulous years still to come.
They’re toasting you on your…95th birthday!

Make it a reality.

Just enter your email address. Click the “Add to Cart” button now. And download this amazing, life-changing program for yourself.

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The way I see it, there are 3 ways you can go.

The first is…

Cross your fingers and do nothing. Accept the aches, pains and misery as part of growing older. Suffer in silence with the frustrations you have now as just a normal part of growing older. Deal with the realization that your life is never going to be the way you want it to be ever again. Ignore your symptoms and pray you have good genes and you belly burning doesn’t affect a major organ that puts you in the hospital. Or worse.

The second thing you can do is…

Continue with your same-old, tired routine with your regular doctor giving you the bum’s rush instead of spending time and discovering what’s really ailing you. Keep wasting hundreds if not thousands of dollars on alternative supplements, praying that they work.

The third thing is…

Embrace hope while risking nothing at all.

Grab “Diseaseless” right now, devour the material, put it into action, and see how quickly it takes for you to get more bounce in your step and a grin from ear to ear.

It’s been said that the greatest gift of all is the gift of health. Well, it’s all waiting for you, right here, right now.

You owe it to yourself and your family to experience the power of this amazing program.
So don’t wait a minute longer. Click the button now.

Thanks a lot for your time. Here’s to a long, healthy life!

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Still around?

Let me ask a few common questions that other customers are asking regarding the Diseaseless Program.


What is the diseaseless program exactly and what can it do for me?

Diseaseless is a revolutionary health program developed by a 102 year old doctor called Dr Patel, who is regarded as a genius in the alternative health field.

Because virtually everyone who suffers from health problems has inflammation in the body, and the main source of inflammation is usually from problems with the gut (which is often called our ‘second brain')…This is called ‘gut dysbiosis' or sometimes termed as ‘burning belly'.

The Diseaseless program is able to heal and restore your gut to its original state, thereby eliminating the inflammation as well as your health problem.

It is able to bulletproof your body against the scary illnesses like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, arthritis and more…and even reverse them.


If Diseaseless works so well, why isn't it more well known?

Big Pharma hates anything that they can't put a price tag on. It has been documented that some surgeons even cut a hole in their patient's hearts just to get to their wallets…or prescribing drugs that patients don't need, just to get the patients to spend more.

That's why even though the ‘Diseaseless' Program such an effective method, the program is not well known to the public.


How long will I need to stay on the ‘Diseaseless' Program to see results?

It really depends on how severe your current conditions are. For example, I have clients with skin rashes reverse their conditions as little as 48 hours, while clients with heart palpitations problem reversing their conditions in as long as a week.


Is this really risk free?

No, this is actually better than risk free. First, you are covered by our ‘no questions asked' money back guarantee for 90 days. Just write to the email address located in the member's area and you will have your money back in less than 24 hours.

And if you don't get any results, write to us telling us how you did the program, and we'll refund double of what you paid. That's how confident we are that this program will work for your health condition.


How Do I Get The Bonus Ebooks You Promised Me?

Easy! After you've made your purchase of the “Diseaseless” Program, and once you receive all the payment confirmation emails from “CLICKBANK”, simply use this Contact Form to send us a message. 

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