Read This First!




Now here are a few things to take notice of and do to access your ebooks and download them:

  1. You will be receiving a couple of emails within the next few minutes. You should be getting an email confirming your payment (from the payment processor), and you should also receive an email (from us) with details on how to access your ebooks.
  2. I strongly suggest you save those emails in a special folder within whatever email provider service you are using. That will ensure you always have access to whatever information you may need in the future.
  3. Once you receive the email from us you will see your personal username and password that you will use to access our members area, which is here: Click Here To Access Our Members Area
  4. Use the username and password you receive in the email from us and log into the members area. 
  5. Once you're in the members area, you will see all your ebooks there, available for download.
  6. Further instructions on how to download the ebooks and save them will be described in the members area (if you need instructions).



Thank you once again for your purchase and I wish you the best of luck!