Using Chinese Herbs As An Effective Hand Eczema Treatment


Chinese Medicine As Hand Eczema TreatmentEczema among adults typically affects the hands, which presents a rather interesting skin condition. For individuals dealing with severe eczema, some are undeniably impaired by this disease.

It can be very challenging to perform daily tasks when your hands are riddled with open wounds, blisters or deep fissures.

However, if you think about it, hand eczema treatment is actually one of the easiest conditions to cure since it is easily accessible compared to eczema on the scalp. In addition, hand eczema has also been known to respond exceptionally well to Chinese medicine.

Understanding Hand Eczema?

Scientifically referred to as dishydrotic eczema or pompholyx, it comes from the Greek meaning “bad”. For many people hand eczema is triggered by high stress, tension, anxiety, which results to sweaty palms. Over a period of time, small blisters start to appear under the skin, typically affected the sides of the fingers and the palms. These blisters can be extremely itchy and may weep or crust especially when left untreated.

This wet phase of hand eczema will then be followed by extreme dryness. At this point, deep fissures and cracks develop. In severe cases, the dryness may seem like you are looking straight inside the flesh. This can be extremely painful even when performing menial tasks such a washing the hands and bending the fingers.

Even with treatment, hand eczema can recur in cycles for months or years, following different degrees of severity. Over time, the skin will permanently settle into a cracked and extremely dry appearance.

The Problem With Western Medicine Approach

 The conventional dermatology approach to hand eczema treatment is rather poor and ineffective. This is because the use of steroid creams comes with a thinning effect on the skin, which makes it particularly damaging on the hands. There is also the fact that frequent use will result to rendering the steroid ineffective.

There are also newer brands of eczema that are considered immune suppressive. This basically means, when taken internally, it works to suppress the immune system in order to prevent organ transplant rejection. Even in small doses, the adverse effects of these medications can increase the risks of lymphatic and skin cancer.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment Approach

The traditional Chinese medication takes on a different approach – as it works internally. First, it detoxifies the liver, cleanses the digestion and cools the blood.

Given that hand eczema is closely connected to stress, liver detox has been shown to be most effective. In fact, liver detoxification is highly recommended for people who have recently undergone a traumatic event, triggering the onset of eczema. It is believed that liver toxicity can be equally harmful as chemicals and pollutants. Stress can cause the liver to seize, which results to the significant impairment of its function.

Among the recommended liver cleaners include Scutellaria and Gentian root. You can also use diuretic such as the Poria mushroom in order to facilitate in the excretion of extra moisture through urine. The hands should also be soaked in a tea made of minerals and herbs in order to provide instant relief as well as close open wounds.






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